Nonstop Foot Tickling NLY

DirtyDeesProd presents Jade, Niki Lee Young

Niki Lee Young is extremely ticklish, pretty much everywhere and definitely her soles are her worst spot. Jade knows it, she could care less how much Niki suffers, Jade is my cruelest tickler, lately she seems to enjoy punishing models more than I do! Right away Niki knows she will not last 10 minutes with Jade and her nails, Jade smiles and knows Niki is totally screwed. Jade also uses my new toy, it is a weird kind of comb, not too stiff where it will hurt, but man does it wreck Niki. Jade uses the massager too and before long, Niki is cursing Jade. Niki eventually ends up crying, she is really upset, to the point where I think the tickling should stop. Jade could care less and keeps on tickling. Not sure what Niki did to Jade recently but damn! Video Sample