Anal Anxiety

DirtyDeesProd presents Jade, Niki Lee Young

Niki Lee Young is strapped to the Dominator, Jade approaches, today is the day Niki gets to cum. Jade has not let her orgasm in a month, Niki feels like she is going to explode. Jade is in total control, Niki is going to have to do whatever Jade wants to earn an orgasm and she isn't going to like what she is going to be made to endure. Jade ruthlessly teases and denies her, the cruelest teasing I have ever seen. Every time Niki thinks she is going to cum Jade stops. She wants Niki to be humiliated, to admit that she wants a girl to lick her pussy, to admit that she may be a lesbian. In short, Jade wants to totally break her down and make her as vulnerable as she possibly can. After brutal teasing, denying, humiliation and total psychological domination, Jade finally lets Niki in on her task to earn her orgasm. At this point Niki is so damn desperate to cum she agrees. Jade wants her to take an anal plug in her ass. Niki has never done anything anal, never had anything period in her ass. She cries but Jade insists and Niki must submit. Niki slowly takes it as Jade vibes and denies her again and again, she wants Niki to not just take the anal insertion, she wants to break her down enough to have her actually beg for it. Niki cries that it hurts, she is so desperate looking, pathetic, but she takes it and Jade finally lets her cum but with the anal dildo in her ass. Niki cums again and Jade gives her brutal post orgasm stimulation. Niki is totally broken, totally humiliated, totally dominated.