Date With Paisley

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, Paisley

There isn't a lot of tickling in this video, just a filmed date and a mix of all the things I do in my shoots. Trust me, it is filmed but the chemistry between me and Paisley is real. I invite Paisley up for coffee after our date, but she knows what my intentions are. I grab her from behind and kiss her neck and give her some light tickles, she knows that's what I have been waiting to do. I pin her against the wall when she tickles me back and kiss her, passionately, both of us are getting turned on but Paisley is playing hard to get. We take it to the bed and I remove her and worship her belly. I try to get her pants off but she won't let me yet. When we get to the floor she finally submits and starts to rub my cock through my pants, then through my boxers. I get her pants off and finger her under panties. I get her totally naked at the very end, the video ends, the rest is between me and Paisley! Video Sample