Competitive Spirit

DirtyDeesProd presents Scarlet, Hope Harper

Scarlet is upset with Hope for taking her position on the cheerleading squad at school. Scarlet knows just how to get back on the team. While the girls are alone in the locker room, Scarlet kidnaps Hope and restrains her in the posture chair in order to take advantage of Hope's weakness to tickling. As she scratches her long nails along the bottoms of Hope's feet, Hope proceeds to laugh herself hoarse, thereby making her unable to cheer in the next game! Scarlet doesn't stop there, she wants to tickle Hope's tender ribs and armpits until she begs to give Scarlet the cheerleading position that is rightfully hers. By the end of Hope's tickle torment Scarlet runs off to meet with the coach leaving Hope exhausted and unable to get free.