Toes In Your Horoscope

DirtyDeesProd presents mj, Sasha Foxx

Sasha is kicking off her shoes while MJ reads their horoscope for the the day. It seems they both will find love unexpectedly close at hand. As soon as MJ notices Sasha's toes wiggling in her socks she offers her a foot rub. Sasha eagerly accepts. She closes her eyes as MJ's fingers begin to knead into her arches. MJ then asks Sasha if she would enjoy taking this massage to the next level. Sasha is curious as to what she means as MJ strips her socks and begins to lick between her toes. Sasha finds this tongue massage much more relaxing and gets herself more comfortable as MJ continues to work the balls of her soft feet with her warms licks. Pressing her lips firmly against Sasha's arches, MJ kisses and sucks as her friend lies blissfully on the sofa. Such a perfect match had to be destined by the stars.