Flavored Polish

DirtyDeesProd presents Cat, Skye

Skye wanted to try out some new flavored polish for her girlfriend to try out' Of all the flavors to start with, however, she chose licorice which Cat absolutely despises' Carefully taste testing at first, Cat finds that despite her aversion to the polish color, the flavor of Skye's soles is still so appetizing she can't turn away such a mouth watering meal' Skye smiles as she teases Cat for her hunger for bare feet' In fact, she chose this flavor just to see how infatuated Cat was with her silky smooth soles' It seems she has chosen a faithful foot lover to bathe her feet whenever she wants' What more could a girl ask for' She lays back and sighs with pleasure as Cat continues to suck each of her toes for the rest of the evening' Perhaps next time she'll choose a polish that better suits Cat's preferences to ensure that she will always be putty in her hands (and feet)!