Foot Slave Audition

DirtyDeesProd presents Paisley, brookly gray

Brooklyn Gray is trying to find the perfect foot slave, one that will totally pamper, slobber and appreciate sexy feet like hers. Paisley is very eager to be her slave and can barely contain herself, she is so close to the goddess's feet she can taste them. Brooklyn offers Paisley her shoe which Paisley slowly removes and sniffs, seems she has passed the first test which is to always appreciate her goddess's scent and never miss an opportunity to smell those sexy soles. Next she tastes her pantyhose, damn they smell amazing and taste even better. Paisley is eager to get to those bare feet but she is patient and makes sure to appreciate her goddess's feet no matter if she is in pantyhose and socks and she passes the second test. Lastly she must make her goddess very wet and not just her feet which Paisley easier does as she licks and sucks every toe, in between too'